SmartGraft Specialist

Dustin Z. Zeng, MD, PhD -  - Cosmetic Specialist

Royal Medical Aesthetic Center

Dustin Z. Zeng, MD, PhD

Cosmetic Specialist & Aesthetic Specialist located in San Gabriel, CA & Irvine, CA

At Royal Medical Aesthetic Center, Dr. Zeng and the team offer SmartGraft Hair Transplant Treatments.

SmartGraft Hair Transplant Q & A

What's the SmartGraft procedure like?

Using only local anesthetic, we use the SmartGraft device to gently extract individual micro hair grafts from the back of your head. these grafts may then be implanted into the balding area to regrow thick, healthy, natural hair.

What kind of results should I expect?

your new hair grafts will grow in the areas that are thinning, creating a fuller head of hair all around your head. since it's your real hair, it looks completely natural, restoring a more youthful appearance and confidence levels.

Why should I consider SmartGraft?

SmartGraft is superior to other FUE and robotic hair restoration devices because:

  • It gives you better results in less time, and it's ideal for both men and women.
  • It incorporates the most critical component of hair transplantation -- the human artistry required for proper, natural looking, facial framing.
  • It allows for harvesting grafts from other parts of the body, such as chest, back and face, for better results.