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Dustin Z. Zeng, MD, PhD -  - Cosmetic Specialist

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Dustin Z. Zeng, MD, PhD

Cosmetic Specialist & Aesthetic Specialist located in San Gabriel, CA & Irvine, CA

Dr. Dustin Z. Zeng is a board certified physician who specializes in the use of lasers and other state of the art techniques to help their patients improve the look and feel of their skin. At the Royal Aesthetic Medical Center, the doctor and his staff offer services to the residents of San Gabriel and Irvine, California.

Laser Resurfacing Q & A

What Is Laser Resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing is a procedure that uses a focused beam of light to carefully remove layers of skin. Each layer is removed one at a time by focusing the laser on the irregular areas of skin. This type of laser treatment removes blemishes, minor acne scars, discolorations, blemishes, and minor wrinkles and creases. By removing the top layers of skin that have been damaged, fresh layers of skin are exposed that have fewer abnormalities. As the skin heals, it begins to tighten and become more toned and supple. This offers a youthful, more invigorated look. Once the area has completely healed, the skin will be more supple and softer to the touch.

How Effective Is It When It Comes to Restoring a More Youthful Appearance?

Laser resurfacing removes the damaged outer layers of skin, uncovering fresh skin that has a healthier look and tone. The use of lasers can target problem areas, like blemishes, acne scars, and wrinkles. Skin that has been damaged due to overexposure to the sun, environmental toxins, and other elements can become dry and lose its elasticity. Laser resurfacing uncovers fresh skin that is more toned and healthy looking. As the skin heals, it continues to tighten, reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles and giving the skin a more vibrant glow. Toned, healthy skin looks healthier and more youthful. It is also firmer and more resilient.

What Side Effects Can a Person Expect After a Resurfacing Procedure?

Laser resurfacing procedures may have minor side effects such as irritation, swelling, and painful discomfort in the areas where the procedure was performed. As with any medical procedure that involves disturbing the skin or creating an opening, there is an increased risk of infection. Doctors will closely monitor the area and teach the patient how to safeguard against infection. Most side effects that occur immediately after the procedure will eventually dissipate within one or two days. If the symptoms persist, it is important to notify the doctor and report which ones are present, how long they have lasted, and their severity.

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