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Dustin Z. Zeng, MD, PhD

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If you're looking to achieve younger looking skin or reverse skin damage to look your very best, JP Plasma® treatment may be ideal for you. Dustin Z. Zeng, MD, PhD, at the Royal Medical Aesthetic Center in San Gabriel and Irvine, California, performs this non-surgical skin resurfacing process that is easier on your skin than laser treatments and offers fantastic results. Call or schedule an appointment online for customized JP Plasma treatments today.

JP Plasma Q & A

How does JP Plasma work?

Just as a liquid can be turned into a gaseous state, a powerful skin healing plasma can be created by adding energy to a gas. The JP Plasma treatment device blends mixed energy of low-electriccurrent energy with hot plasma energy, radio-frequency energy and magnetic field. By combining these energy, plus cold Helium gastechnologies, it allows for very high levels of precision and avoids unintended trauma to the skin.

Dr. Zeng will use the JP Plasma treatment wand to carefully apply the plasma energy to the treatment areas. JP Plasma stands out from other types of treatment because it uses pinpoint focused plasma application. This minimizes patient discomfort, avoids scars due to energy burns, avoids hyperpigmentation caused by lasers, and is generally superior to laser treatments in nearly every way.

What skin problems can JP Plasma treatment help with?

JP Plasma treatment can help with many different skin conditions. It's an excellent all-around rejuvenation procedure that can eliminate:

  • Skin laxity
  • face drooping
  • deep wrinkles
  • drooping eye lid
  • smoker line of mouth
  • marrianets
  • Nasal labial fold
  • Crows feet
  • Sun damage
  • Skin discoloration

For many patients, it’s a great alternative to a surgical facelift. A surgical facelift only repositions the skin on your face, which means that the skin still has the same problems it did before. JP Plasma treatment will tighten skin and eliminate environmental damage that a facelift can’t. It's a great way to recapture a more youthful appearance without surgery.

Who is a good candidate for JP Plasma treatment?

If you're having any face or body laxity issues and you want to address any of the following skin problems, JP Plasma treatment may be right for you.

  • Skin resurfacing: focused facial laxity issues.
  • Subdermal tightening: usually tighten your skin laxity after procedure, and best results is 3-6 months.

What can you expect after JP Plasma treatment?

With skin resurfacing, the face will usually be red and swollen for 2 weeks after the procedure. It is advised the patient to stay indoors and avoid sunlight, patient skin dramatically tightens post procedure, much younger looking and less wrinkle 2-4 weeks period.

Subdermal tightening: Skin laxity can be immediately improved after the procedure, it will continue to improve with time for 3-6 months.

Areas of skin laxity include:

  • Arm(bat wings)
  • Abdominal (post delivery or dieting)
  • Thigh and knee laxity
  • Breast laxity
  • Neck laxity